Peer review process

The work sent by the authors will be submitted for a first review by the editor of the journal. The authors should send complementary files (databases, etc.) to verify the authenticity of the results reflected in the manuscript.

The originality of the article will be evaluated and it follows the criteria of the format, title, and writing style of the APA standards. The work must follow the same logic and structure as the journal's research guide articles, monographs, book reviews, or thesis summaries.

The editor will ask to make the necessary corrections to improve the deficiencies found in the manuscript. Once the deficiencies are overcome, the article will be reviewed by two external reviewers specialized in the article's area of competence. These evaluators will conduct a comprehensive review using a previously established evaluation format. External evaluators will ask the author or authors of the work to make the necessary corrections to improve the deficiencies found in the work.

The review process will end when the external evaluators issue a final opinion to support the publication of the work. This will go to the editor and the editorial board of the journal will meet to approve the opinion.

The journal's policy handles a "double-blind" review, which means that the identity of the authors is unknown to the reviewers, and the identity of the reviewers is unknown to the authors, this promoting the efficacy and bias that involves an open review.

Assigned times

Editor confirmation and first review: 1-5 days after submission.

Reviewers' invitation and confirmation: 1-15 days after the editor's confirmation.

Review process: 21 days for the reviewer to deliver his corrections and comments to the editor.

First decision and request of corrections: 21 days for an author to deliver his correction to the editor.

Second decision or request a second review: If corrections are minor, editors take a decision, if correction is major a second review round is implemented (10 days are given to the reviewer to check if corrections were done accordingly)

Second decision or request of corrections: If a second round of correction is needed, the author have 21 days to send back the correction to the editor.

Final decision: 1-5 days after the reviewer's decision, the editor checks if the manuscript is suitable for publication and gives a final decision

Copyediting process: 3-10 days for the editorial board to create the final version of the manuscript (manuscript is sent to authors for final review and confirmation of final version)

Production process: 1-5 days for the editorial to prepare the manuscript format for final publication.

Expected time of publication after submission: 1- 3 months approximately