Focus and Scope

The Horizon Interdisciplinary Journal aims to publish original research and technological development carried out by the scientific community in all the areas covered by the Health Sciences.


The Horizon Interdisciplinary Journal belongs to the Fundación Enfermera Delia Ruiz Rivas A.C., which publishes multidisciplinary research articles on nursing, medicine, dentistry, and psychology. The contents aim to promote relevant analyzes focused on addressing the various international and regional problems in clinical, scientific, economic, social, and technological terms. The published works have the as main purpose to support the work of the interested parties: researchers, patients, health professionals and students.


By January 2030, Horizon Interdisciplinary Journal will be included in the most prestigious international indices such as CONACyT, Scielo, Scimago, and Journal Citation Reports, reaching an impact factor equal to or greater than 1.50 by promoting its content among researchers, events, and programs. postgraduate nationally and internationally. The publication of articles will be strongly influenced by the relevance to contributing to the solution of international and regional problems. For this, the opinions of the manuscripts received will be made in a period not exceeding three months after their reception; by forming an editorial committee with researchers of national and international prestige, with clearly defined responsibilities and providing opportunities to ascend within their hierarchy according to the quality of their participation and their level of commitment.


In accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Fundación Enfermera Delia Ruiz Rivas A.C., highlights the following values, in order to achieve the guidelines outlined in its Mission and Vision:


  • Honesty: I conduct myself with truth and authenticity, from respect, honesty, and transparency.
  • Loyalty: I act from fidelity and commitment to myself and others. I identify from a sense of belonging with the objectives of the institution, maintaining a relationship worthy of trust.
  • Freedom: I think and behave autonomously out of conviction, by making responsible, thoughtful decisions that respect diversity, by considering my own well-being and that of others.
  • Commitment: I fulfill the obligations that correspond to me in all orders, among them, the university, social and environmental, by recognizing and assuming the consequences of the actions carried out freely.
  • Empathy: I empathize with the needs of others and participate consciously and enthusiastically in collective projects, especially where vulnerable people or communities are benefited under the principle of joint efforts.
  • Teamwork: I recognize that the whole is more than the sum of the parts, where each collaborator counts and plays a fundamental role. We help us. We collaborate. We communicate and, above all, we respect each other.
  • Solidarity: I promote mutual collaboration between individuals, which allows us to overcome the most terrible disasters, such as discrimination, apathy, poor treatment of patients, wars, plagues, and diseases, among others.