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HORIZON INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNALyear 2, no. 2, April-June 2024, is a quarterly publication "January-March", "April-June", "July-September", October-December "published by the Fundación Enfermera Delia Ruíz Rivas. General Ferreira 2264, Colonia Cacho, Tijuana, B.C. Tel. 664 825 9407, web page of the journal: https://horizon-journal.com, and Fundación Enfermera Delia Ruíz Rivas. Editor in Chief: Dr. Efraín Armenta Rojas, whose e-mail address is: [email protected]. Responsible for the latest update of this issue,  Dr. Efraín Armenta Rojas, whose e-mail address is: [email protected], Fundación Enfermera Delia Ruíz Rivas. General Ferreira 2264, Colonia Cacho, Tijuana, B.C. Date of last modification, May 21, 2024. Right of exclusive use No. 04-2023-012317363900-102, ISSN: 2992-7706.

The content expressed by the authors of the papers does not necessarily reflect the position of the editorial board.

Focus and Scope

The purpose of the Horizon Interdisciplinary Journal is to disseminate the original research and technological development carried out by the scientific community in all areas including all medical sciences and technology.

7 main thematic topics are included:

  1. Nursing: Advanced Practice Nursing, Esthetic/Cosmetic, Ambulatory Care, Burn, Camp, Cardiac, Interventional Cardiac, Diabetes, Dental, Medical Case Management, Community Health, Correctional, Critical Care, Emergency, Health environmental, faith community, flight, forensic, gastroenterology, genetics, geriatrics, hematology, health visits, holistic, home care, hospice and palliative care, hyperbaric, immunology and allergies, intravenous therapy, infection control, infectious disease, legal, maternal-child, medical-surgical, military and uniformed services, neonatal, neurosurgical, nephrology, lawyer, nursing informatics, nursing management, nursing research, obstetrics, obstetrics g, occupational health, oncology, orthopedic, ostomy, pediatric, perianesthesia, perioperative, psychiatric, private, public health, nursing pulmonary medicine, quality improvement, radiology, rehabilitation nursing, research, renal, school, space, subacute, substance abuse, surgical, telenursing, telephone triage, transplant, travel, urology, management of utilization, vascular access, wound care.
  2. Medicine: Cardiology, Gastroenterology & Hepatopancreatobiliary Medicine, Clinical Neurology, Oncology, Orthopedics, Endocrinology & Metabolism, Nephrology & Urology, Epidemiology & Public Health, Stomatology, Pulmonology, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Immunology, Hematology, Clinical Psychology & Psychiatry, Otolaryngology, Dermatology, Clinical Pharmacology
  3. Odontology: Management of dental disease, periodontology, endodontology, operative dentistry, fixed and removable prosthodontics, dental biomaterials science, long-term clinical trials including epidemiology and oral health, technology transfer of new scientific instrumentation or procedures, as well as clinically relevant oral biology and translational research.
  4. Psychology: Developmental, cognitive, educational, clinical, health, organizational, evolutionary, and personality psychology, the impact of social media on mental health and well-being, cognitive-behavioral therapy: theory, techniques, and applications, the psychology of resilience: factors and interventions that promote adaptive coping, psychological factors in motivation and achievement, the role of psychology in understanding and addressing stigma and discrimination.
  5. Nutrition: Human milk molecules, breastfeeding, growth & Development, gut microbiota, obesity, allergies, malnutrition, low birth weight.
  6. Clinical Biochemistry: Diagnostic applications of biochemical markers, precision medicine in clinical biochemistry, molecular diagnostics in clinical biochemistry, biomarkers in cancer diagnosis and prognosis, role of biochemical markers in neurodegenerative disorders, pharmacogenomics, emerging technologies in clinical biochemistry, metabolomics in clinical biochemistry, oxidative stress markers, hormonal markers in endocrine disorders, biochemical markers in autoimmune diseases, biochemical assessment of nutritional status.
  7. Pharmacology: pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of commonly used drugs, drug interactions: Mechanisms and clinical implications, pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine in pharmacology, adverse drug reactions and their management, role of drug metabolism in therapeutic efficacy and safety, drug development and clinical trials, drug delivery systems, rational use of drugs, pharmacovigilance, pharmacotherapy of infectious diseases, pharmacology of drug abuse and addiction, pharmacotherapy for pain management, pharmacoeconomics, phytotherapy and natural products in pharmacology.

As well as other related lines. All published works are original and their copyright belongs to the Authors.

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The preferred file format for editing in the journal is Microsoft word, which also accepts .pdf files. Files in .jpg, .png, .tiff, and .ppt are accepted for figures. For videos, only .mp4 files are accepted.


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